fun with charts

alternate chart collage.jpg

Once upon a time (I think January 2018 to be quite exact) I promised to share a new chart option for my Sophiasburgh Sweater pattern. And then many, many months zoomed by and I forgot all about said chart. Maybe, maybe I can blame this forgetfulness on the seasons? The sweater that I knit using this alternate chart has a bit of a holiday vibe, so the sweater was tucked away when there was still snow on the ground, and I’ve only just pulled it out this weekend. Which helps explain why I finally managed to remember my old promise!

So here is the promised alternate chart from last winter. If you have the Sophiasburgh Sweater pattern, it’s as simple as using this chart in place of the one that’s already in your PDF. The stitch counts are the same, and it’s still a two-colour design. I simply needed a little variety in my own closet, and thought it would be fun to work within the same math guidelines. The resulting design does have a holiday-inspired quality - a bit like a garland hanging on a fireplace with twinkle lights circling around it. But to be fair, I have only tried the chart with a deep red and soft grey colour combo, and it would be great to see how it knits up in other palettes. I’m guessing the design could highlight all sorts of seasonal stories!

alternate yoke chart.png

I hope this is a fun option to have - and definitely share your projects if you decide to use it! I’m SO excited to see how the chart comes to life in your favourite colours. I’ve already started researching new colours too…now that this sweater is back on my mind, i just can’t help it. :)

stitch single.png