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oh, hello!

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I’m Sam.

I knit and sew. A lot.

Everything I have learned about knitting and sewing has come from using patterns. When I was a teenager, commercial sewing patterns taught me how to make my own clothes. In time, following patterns turned into modifying patterns, and today I'm hooked on designing patterns from scratch.

It’s amazing how much a set of carefully written instructions and a few illustrations can empower you to create something with your hands. And although designing patterns gives ME the opportunity to explore new ideas, I’m more thrilled that my patterns might inspire YOU to learn a new skill or tackle a project you simply can’t resist.

When I’m not working at my day job, enjoying time with my family, or devouring a book, I try out new knitting and sewing patterns from other designers. We have such a vibrant community of handmade enthusiasts, and there’s always something new to learn from one another. Who said sleeping was important?

Happy making!

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